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The bat, which is also the only mammal with wings.

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Q: What animal has wings and may hop crawl or fly?
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Do insects move?

They either jump, hop, crawl, or fly. These six legged creatures usually use their legs for movement . Ant and cockroahes lice and bedbugs crawl. grasshopper hops with the help of its ling hindleg. waterboatmen swim with the help of their legs as using them as oars. Butterfly and flies fly with the help of their weak wings manovering them with their chest muscle.

Ant is to crawl AS frog is to?

...As frog is to hop,leap,or jump!

What are some means of locomotion in organisms?

swim, crawl, slither, walk, hop, ooze, leap, swing, brachiate, jet, fly, float, hitchhike

What are verbs that describe how an animal moves?

Some verbs that describe how an animal moves include crawl, jump, hop, slither, and gallop.

Can grass hoppers move?

Yes. They can crawl and hop.

How does a cockatoo move from one place to another?

If their wings haven't been clipped they'll fly from place-to-place. Owners of these birds will sometimes get their wings clipped so the cockatoo can't fly away. In this case the cockatoo is still able to hop from place to place.

Do rockhoppers fly?

Rockhopper penguins are not able to fly. They are skilled swimmers and use their wings to "fly" underwater as they navigate through the ocean in search of food. On land, they hop from rock to rock, which is how they earned their name.

How do amphibians travel?

Most of them hop and crawl on land and swim in water

What other movements does frog have?

Frogs are able to swim, crawl and hop.

Do grasshoppers fly?

No grasshoppers hop that's why it has the word hopper. It is true they hop but the majority also fly some have wings and still only hop but their wings greatly add to the hoop witch looks allot like gliding. So the statement that they only hop is like saying earth is made of watter witch is true but not accurate.

Why does a cockroach hardly ever dive or fly even though it has wings?

Just because an animal has wings, does not always mean it can fly - and if it can't fly, it can't dive. For example, chickens and ostriches have wings, but are unable to use them for extended flight. Similarly, even animals that can fly, doesn't mean that they will all use the wings in the same way. Many animals and insects have varying wing structures to do different things. For example, some birds can simply hop in the air and fly, while others must start at a run, like an airplane. Other birds have wings specifically made to hover, like the hummingbird. This is no different for insects, and cockroaches only need a limited amount of travel to escape, since most of the time they simply run into cracks and crevices.

How do owls fly at night?

Owls learn to fly by branching first. They grasp something solid, like a branch and flap their wings to strenghten them. They hop from branch to branch and flap their wings. It may take a few weeks, but eventually they are able to fly short distances.