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It can be very expensive to take a cruise on the Cunard cruise line. On average, it costs around two-thousand US dollars per night per person to take a cruise on the Cunard cruise line.

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Q: How much on average does it cost to take a cruise on the Cunard cruise line?
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What is the name of the person in charge of the Cunard Cruise Line?

Cunard Cruise...

Where is Cunard cruise line's home port?

The home port of Cunard is the Port of Southampton

Which carnival cruise line is the best?

If you mean which cruise line carnival owns, than Cunard. Cunard is the most luxurious cruise line in the world. If you mean which carnival cruise ship is the best, then the Carnival Miracle. It is the highest rated Carnival Ship on

When did Carnival Cruise Lines buy Cunard Cruise Line?

Carnival Corporation, the owner of Carnival Cruise Line, bought Cunard in 1998. Carnival also owns Princess, Holland America and Costa among others.

What year was Cunard Line founded?

The Cunard Line was founded in 1838 and is one of the oldest cruise lines in the world. It is most famously known for the Queen Mary Cruise Liners that travel nearly everywhere.

What is the ticker for Cunard Cruise Lines?

The Cunard Line doesn't have its own ticker symbol as it is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Carnival Cruise Lines. Carnival's ticker is CCL.

Is white star line still running?

Yes, now known as Cunard Cruise Line

What cruise line allows cats?

Cunard Cruise Lines allows pets. You will have to determine if such a trip is appropriate for your pet--there are requirements.

Are cunard cruises owned by Carnival cruises?

cunard are owned by a company called carnival corporation who also own carnival cruises, costa cruises, <a href=""> cunard cruises </a>, holland america, p&o cruises, princess cruises, ocean village and seabourn cruise line and a few foreign cruise lines.

What is the average cost of a Mexico cruise package with the Carnival Cruise Line?

Cruises in Mexico on the Carnival Cruise Line cost from about $250 to over $600 based on the duration of the cruise, the desired accommodations, and any other additional costs.

When was Cunard Line created?

Cunard Line was created in 1840.

What kind of cruise companies can one book through cheapcruise?

One can book different cruise company through Cruise Cheap. Some cruise companies are Cunard Line, Oceania Cruises, AMA Waterways and Azamara Club Cruises.