One testicle bigger than the other?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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very common.

generally only a few millimetres. but sometimes up to half the size again.

nothing to worry about unless you have pain when ejaculating or blood in your urine.

(women dig odd shaped balls)

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Q: One testicle bigger than the other?
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Why is one of your testicle bigger than the other one?

Almost all men have testicles of different sizes; this is completely normal. However, if one testicle is strikingly larger than the other, or if you notice any kind of change in size in either testicle, see a doctor ASAP.

Normal one Testicle is larger?

It is normal for one testicle to be a little bit bigger than the other. This is no problem. If one is much bigger, or feels swollen, or has a lump on it, then you should see a doctor as soon as possible. See Related Links below.

When someone has one testicle bigger that the other means hernia?

While having one testicle that is larger than the other could signal a hernia, it might also be nothing at all. Many males find that their testicles are not exactly the same, with one being larger than the other or one hanging lower than the other.

One testicle is larger than the other any help?

its normal for men to have one bigger than others but if not its problaby a hernia well i only know how to say it in spanish they have to do surgery

Should you be worried if one of your testicles is bigger than the other two?

actually, i had tht issue. i needed surgery. talk to ur doctor

Is it normal to have a bigger testicle?

It is quite normal to have one larger testicle. It is estimated that in about 65% of men the lower hanging testicle is the left one. This is due to differences in the vascular anatomical structure on the right and left sides.

Why is one testicle tube thicker than the other?

It shouldn't be, the "testicle tubes" on either side should be the same.

What happens if your testicle is hanging longer than the other one?


Why is Mikel's right testicle bigger than his left?

THE HUMAN BODY IS NOT perfectly symetrical. One foot may be slightly bigger/smaller than the other one, women usually have one breast that is just a bit smaller/larger than the other, mens testicles are also not exactly matching in size, it's just the way we are made!! <<<ADR>>>

Is it normal for a man to have one testicle under the other you mean every other guy that you have been with the testicles are side by side?

No, one testicle always hangs lower than the other. That's normal.

Is one foot bigger than the other?

yes one foot is bigger than the other

One testicle is larger than the other can you help?

by the way, one of my testis is twice the size of the other and then the epididymis is always puffed up on the smaller one, to make it 3 or 4 times bigger. Can anyone help me with this??? (write under here when u answer plz!)