What changes after a vasectomy?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Q: What changes after a vasectomy?
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Do you still enjoy sex after a vasectomy?

Of course men still enjoy sex after a vasectomy! In fact nothing changes except their semen doesn't contain any sperm anymore (what's about 3%) and the fear of (unwanted) pregnancy is (definitively) gone ...

At the Houston Vasectomy Clinic what is the average cost of a vasectomy?

A Vasectomy procedure will cost about $1,300 to any man not wanting to have children any longer if the procedure is done by the Houston Vasectomy Clinic.

Can a man who had a vasectomy have natural children?

You should not be able to get pregnant by a man who has had a vasectomy.

If a men had a vasectomy done can a women get pregnant?

If the vasectomy was successful then no the woman cannot become pregnant.

Will a man with a vasectomy show semen under a black light?

No, a man who has had a vasectomy will not have semen in his ejaculate. A vasectomy is a permanent form of male contraception that prevents sperm from being present in the semen.

How many pounds are you allowed to lift after a vasectomy?

10 to 15 lbs max i just got a vasectomy

Cpt code for bilateral vasectomy?

The CPT code for bilateral vasectomy is 55250. Get more information on

We had aTubal and vasectomy done am i pregnant?

No you can not be.

Does vasectomy affect sexual pleasure?


Can a person use vasectomy alone eventhough the partner wont help?

The decision to have a vasectomy is always yours but you should tell your partner.

What has the author Norman Fleishman written?

Norman Fleishman has written: 'Vasectomy, sex, and parenthood' -- subject(s): Birth control, Vasectomy

What is the medical term meaning to reverse a vasectomy?

Vasoplasty is the medical term meaning repair of the vas deferens, and is used to reverse a vasectomy.