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4 h20 g

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Q: A 1-gram sample of which substance in a sealed 1-liter container will occupy the container completely and uniformly?
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How many grams are in 1liter C5H12?

The density of isopentane = 0.616 grams/milliliter so, change 1 liter to milliliters and use density formula D = grams/ml 0.616 g/ml = grams/1000 ml = 616 grams of C5H12

How do you convert 20mM tris-Hcl to gm?

let we have to calculate wait of 20mM tris-HCL for a solution of 1liter,then formula for molarity is Molarity= weight (in grams)/molecular weight X volume in liter hence 20/1000=wait/121.14X1 wait = 20 X 121.14/1000 (cross multiplication) wait = 2.42gm

What solutions has a concentration of one molar?

Molal is the number of mols of solute per kilo of solvent. Molar is the number of mols of solute per litre of solution. If you think those through, you should see that which is greater depends on the density of the solvent.

How many molecules in 1kg of water?

Hi, You need to work out how many moles of water you have in 1L of water. Then you need to know that the Avrogadro constant is the number of molecules on a mole of anything. so; water = H2O Atomic weights: Hydrogen = 1 Oxygen = 16 Mole weight of water therfore; 18 grams 1L water = 1000 grams avrogadros constant is 6.0221415 x 10^23 :. 1000 /18 = 55.5555' moles water 55.5555' x Avrogadros const = 33456308210325000000000000 = 3.3456 x10 ^25 molecules of water. Please check my figures - I don't have a scientific calculator handy. Hope this helps, Mike.

A 31.43 mL volume of 0.108 M NaOH is required to reach the phenolphthalein endpoint in the titration of a 4.441 g sample of vinegar Calculate the percent acetic acid in the vinegar?

mol NaOH= 31.43mL x 1L/1000mL x 0.108 mol/L = 0.00339 mol NaOH *There is a 1:1 Ratio between AC (Acetic Acid) and NaOH therefore, mol AC = 0.00339 mol NaOH x 1 mol AC/1 mol NaOH = 0.00339 mol AC Mass of AC in Vinegar = 0.00339 mol AC x 60.05 g AC/1 mol AC = 0.204 g AC % AC in Vinegar = (g AC/g Vinegar) = 0.204 g AC/4.441 g Vinegar) x 100% = 4.6% Andrea Palm Beach State College

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