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the answer is 72.1 Hg

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Q: A container filled with gas has a volume of 185 ml and a pressure of 310 mm Hg The desired new volume is 74.0 ml What is the required new pressure?
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Give reason in LPG cylinder the gas filled is in the liquefied state?

To pack more gas into the container it is required to liquefy under pressure

A closed container is filled with oxygen.. The pressure in the container is 445 kPa.. What is the pressure in millimeters of mercury?

3340 mm Hg

In a fluid filled container why is the pressure greater at the base of the container?

Because Feck you, Goddamn cheating kids.

The pressure inside a hydrogen-filled container was 2.10 ATM at 21 C What would the pressure be if the container was heated to 96?

Aibo bengidlala mina

What instrument measures the pressure in an enclosed container of gas?

A manometer is an instrument that can be used to measure the pressure in an enclosed container that is filled with gas. The manometer is sometimes called a pressure gauge.

How can you relate temperature and volume with pressure?

if you have a closed bottle or can, etc. , of water and you heat it up to a high enough temperature, then pressure builds up, right? Well if the container is filled with water then the pressure will build up faster, causing the container to burst, but if the container is only filled maybe halfway, it will take a little longer for the pressure to build up enough to cause the container to burst.

If a container is half filled with a liquid and sealed at room temperature and atmospheric pressure then what happens inside the container?

because the other half is not empty it is filled with gas

The pressure inside a hydrogen filled container was 2.10 ATM ta 21 degrees Celsius what would the pressure be if the container was heated to 99 degrees Celsius?


If you were to transfer a liter of air into a 2-liter container how much of the 2-liter container would be filled?


When a container is filled with 3 moles of H½ 2 moles of O½ and 1 mole of N½ the pressure in the container is 8.7 atm The partial pressure of O½ is?

impossible to calculate

When a container is filled with 3 moles of H 2 moles of O and 1 mole of N the pressure in the container is 8.7 ATM. The partial pressure of O 2 is?

impossible to calculate

A sealed container filled with 1 mole of gas is cooled to -45C what effect will this have on the gas inside?

The gas pressure will decrease.