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A thief who has stolen large quantities of uranium may have increased the threat of what?


A thief who stolen large quantities of uranium 235 may have increased the threat of what?


What has posed the greatest threat to Social Security and Medicare during the 1990s?

In general, the greatest threat to Social Security/Medicare in recent years has been that, because of increased benefits and increased number of retirees, they are no longer actuarily sound.

What threat applies when specific information is received about an increased more predictable terrorist threat regarding an unknown installation that requires steps to be taken to deter terrorist?


What FPCON level applies when specific information is received about increased more predictable terrorist threat?


Can a repo car lease be reported stolen too by the financial company?

No! If this is a threat by the finance company contact a attorney. He/She will advise you what you need to do.

Does Dire Bear form cause more threat than Bear form in wow?

No, Dire Bear form has an increased Stamina compared to the normal Bear form, but both should have the same threat modifier.

Why did southern people keep their horse after the war?

Southern people kept their horses where they always did, in barns and in fields. If there was a threat that the horse might be taken away or stolen they were often hidden away in a cabin or in the hay loft of the barn until the threat passed.

During event planning or pre-designated threat warnings (increased FPCONs HURCONs etc.) the EOC may be placed in?

Warm status

Can you report a car stolen if the person you had a rental contract with has not paid or returned the car and you do not know where their located?

Yes, you can report the car stolen. This is technically called a "Conversion", which means the car was converted to a stolen status because it was kept longer than the contract allowed. I would wait at least a week, and try several methods of contacting the renter before notifying the police. It is unlikely that your car will be returned quickly by reporting it stolen. The real power is in the threat of reporting it. This is usually enough to scare the renter into promptly returning the vehicle. Tell them that it will be considered a felony if you report the car stolen and they are caught. Of course, this assumes you can get ahold of them to deliver the threat. Answer provided by:Sensible Car Rental San Diego

How is the taj mahal threatened by the environment?

industrialisation has resulted in increased air pollution. the threat is that this will cause the marble of the taj mahal to ture yellow and to erode

How did Kennedy deal with the threat of increased steel prices?

He began a vigorous campaign against them in the media until they gave in to the President's pressure and cancelled the price increase.