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Acids are defined as compounds that dissociated in water to release hydrogen cations, also called protons, with some degree of aquation. The most prevalent such aquated cation under most conditions has the formula H3O+1.

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Hydrogen Ions

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Q: Acids are defined as compounds that dissociate in water to release?
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Acids or defined as compounds that dissociate in water to release?

H+ cations.

Acids are compounds that dissociate in water and release what?

Acids release hydrogen+ ions (H+) when dissolved in water

Arrhenius defined acids as compounds that?

Contain hydrogen

What type of compounds can be electrolysed?

Any compound which can disassociate into ions in solution is an electrolyte. These are most commonly water soluble salts, acids, and bases.

What compounds can act as both an electron donor and electron acceptor?

The answer is acids.... "acids are most broadly defined as compounds that are electron pair acceptors."

What is a group of compounds that release ions when dissolved in water called?

compounds that release ions when they dissolve in water ar called acids.

Do acids dissolve in bases or do bases dissolve in acids?

They don't dissolve (or more properly, dissociate) completely in water, only partially. Acids or bases that dissociate completely are called strong acids or bases.

How are acids and basis classified as strong or weak?

According to their dissociation.Strong acids dissociate completely,weak acids partially.

Do weak acids completely dissociate like strong acids but then instantly change to base in water?

Nope. They just don't fully dissociate. The molecules don't break apart completely.

What is a difference between a stronge acid and a weak acid?

Strong acids dissociate fully in water to produce the maximum number of H + ions. ... Weak acids, such as ethanoic acid (CH 3COOH), do not fully dissociate.

What is an acid that does not dissociate 100 percent of its ions?

Theoritically, there exists no acid that can fully dissociate into ions in aqueous medium. Though, for practical purposes, it is often assumed that strong acids such as nitric acid, hydrochloric acid etc. are fully dissociated. Other than these few strong acids, all other acids partially dissociate, a common example is acetic acid.

Does acids release hydroxyl ions when dissolved in water?

ACID You Neanderthal *pushes up glasses*