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Water plus a salt

eg caustic soda + hydrochoric acid NaOH + HCl -> H2O + NaCl

Some of these reactions can be explosive, so don't try it

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a salt and H2O

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Q: An acid combined with a base forms a what?
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What forms a neutralization reaction an acid or a base?

A nuetralization reaction is when an acid and a base is combined

What is called when an acid and a base are combined to make salt and water?

An acid and a base combining is called a neutralization reaction, and it forms salt and water.

The reaction that occurs when an acid and base are combined is?


What do you get when a acid and base are combined?

A salt and usually water.

What will happen when an acid of low pH is combined with some base of high pH in a test tube?

when acid reacts with a base it will be a base

What forms when base react with acid they form salt and what?

acid+ base= salt + water

An acid that forms when a base gains a proton?

conjugate acid

What products are formed when an acid and base are combined?

In an acid-base neutralization, and acid and base come to form water and a salt. ex. HN03 + NaOH -----> H20 + NaNO3

What happens if base and acid combined?

neutral salt will form.

What is formed when an acid and base are combined?

They form salt and in most of the cases also the water molecules.

What forms when a acid and a base react?


What are Acid-base reaction?

Acid-base reactions are chemical reactions that occur only between an acid and a base. These are examples of single-displacement reactions. An acid is loosely described as something, whether it be an element or a compound, combined with hydrogen to form a (larger) compound. A base is loosely described as a compound or element combined with OH (Hydroxide). An acid-base reaction always yields H2O.