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Group 8A, also known as group 18, are very non-reactive. However, they are all gases, not transition metals. Transition metals are the large family of elements in the middle of the table in between groups 2 and 13 (2A and 3A). Group 8A are the noble gases.

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Very Reactive to Non Reactive


Most elements after hydrogen are non reactive.

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Group VIII A elements are all unreactive gases so they wouldn't be classified as metals of any kind. They are known as the Noble gases. I'm not sure of any other name for them.

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Noble gases.

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Q: Are Group 8A element unreactive elements known as transition metals?
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What elements are not transition elements?

So-called NON-transition metals is not a defined group of elements, other than "All other elements that are NOT transition elements".

What is the majority of elements?

The majority of the elements are transition metals, if you mean the type of element.

What category of elements does an element belong if it is poor conductor of?

non metalsnon metals

Which groups are not considered to be a transition element on the periodic table?

Group1,2 13- 18 are not transition elements . Transition elements are present in group 3-12.

What is the most dangerous element in the transition you?

You think probable to artificial radioactive elements considered transition metals.

What element family does the element iron belong to?

The element family that iron belongs to on the periodic table is the transition metals family. Other elements in this family include cobalt and nickel.

Is All transition element are metal?

Yes it is definitely true that all transition elements from Scandium to Roentgenium are metals.

This non metal is in the same group as lead?

Lead is a transition state element, and all of the transition state elements are metals; there are no non-metal elements in the transition state.

What are elements in groups 3-12 known as?

Transition Metals! ^-^

What is a metallic element that starts with letter I?

Most elements are metals, including alkali metals, alkaline earth metals, transition metals, basic metals, and rare earth elements. There are three (3) Metallic elements that start with the letter "I". These metals are are Iron (Fe) and Iridium (Ir), transition metals, and; Indium (In), classified as an "other metal".

All transition elements are?

all transition elements are metals

Group 3-12 contain metals known as?

elements in groups 3-12 are transition metals