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stable and chemically nonreactive, or inert.

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No, they are not reactive. Their outer shell is electron shell is filled.

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Q: Are atoms with eight electrons in the outer shell not reactive at all?
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What electrons are the reactive particles of the atoms?

The Outermost Electrons are the reactive particles of the atoms.

Do atoms whose outer elecron shells contain eight electrons tend to form ionic bonds in aqueous solutions?

Atoms with outer electron shells that contain 8 electrons tend to be stable and chemically in reactive, or inert.

Why do outer shells of atoms hold more electrons?

Because the shell can only hold eight electrons. check

How many electrons does an atom need in its outer energy level to be stable?

Most atoms require eight electrons in the outer shell to be stable. The exception is atoms that are only filling the s1 orbital, which becomes stable with only two electrons.

Are atoms with fewer electrons more reactive?

That isn't necessarily true. The Halogens (group 17) follow what you said, but the Alkali metals (group 1) don't. As you go down the column, the elements get more reactive for group 1; Lithium is the least reactive and Francium (speculated) is the most reactive. On the other hand, as you down the Halogens, they do get less reactive. Astatine (speculated) is the least reactive while Fluorine is the most reactive element of them all. Hope that clears up things!

What if the outer orbital is not full of electrons?

If the outer orbital is not full of electrons, the atom is unstable. It will react with other atoms to fill its outer shell.

Why does nitrogen not bond to more then 4 other atoms?

Nitrogen only bonds to three other atoms because its outer shell contains five electrons. An atom is most stable when it has eight electrons in its outer shell, and it can get there either by owning eight electrons of its own, like a noble gas does, or by sharing electrons with other atoms, like you see when nitrogen bonds to three hydrogen atoms to form ammonia.

How many electrons are called are needed in the outer energy level of most atoms for the atom to be stable?

Eight electrons, called an octet, are needed by most atoms in order to be stable.

Why do atoms of nobal gases do not easily form bonds?

They already have eight valence electrons in their outer shell Which means the outer layer is full.

If an element has a total of 86 electrons is it inert reactive or non reactive?

This is radon, it has a full outer shell of electrons, so it is technically non reactive

How many electrons are in the outer energy level of the atoms of alkali earth metals?

There are two electrons on the outer shell which means they are pretty reactive. (make bonding easier)

What does it mean if an element has 8 electrons?

it has a full octet