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It's more the one option you didn't ask: neither. They're elements. The data on the table is for an individual atom; the element may exist as individual atoms, or as molecules, or as metals.

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The elements are arranged in a Periodic Table. Refer to the related link for a printable periodic table.

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Q: Are elements arranged in in a periodic table or an element table?
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What is the element system table in chemistry?

If you mean the table of the elements which is arranged systematically, this is the periodic table.

How are element arranged on a periodic table?

The elements are arranged in the increasing order of their atomic number and repeating properties.

Why did dimitri arranged the periodic table of elements this way?

Mendeleev found properties of elements to be the periodic function of atomic mass. So, he arranged element that way.

What is the periodic table of elements and how are the elements arranged?

by their atomic number

How are the elements arranged?

atomic number

The periodic table is based on an element's what?

The periodic table is based on an element's atomic number, which is the number of protons in the nucleus of an atom. Elements are arranged in order of increasing atomic number, which also dictates their unique placement in the periodic table.

What is periodic table of element?

Periodic table contains elements arranged in rows and columns. It is done according to increasing atomic number.

How elements arranged in the periodic table?

Elements are arranged on the Periodic Table in the order of the atomic number, in groups and periods.

In the periodic table the elemets are arranged by?

In the periodic table, the elements are arranged by atomic number

How were the elements arranged on his periodic table?

newlands arranged the elements in the periodic table in order of relative atomic massNewlands arranged elements in group of eight like musical notes.

What elements are arranged on the periodic table?

All of the known 118 naturally occurring and synthetic elements are arranged on the periodic table.

How is the periodic table used to arrange the elements?

The periodic table used to be arranged by increasing atomic mass. Now, it is arranged by increasing atomic number (number of protons in an atom of element).