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Plastic boxes that have lids should be safe for storing items long term. Consider the temperature your boxes will be exposed to if your storage facility is not climate controlled.

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Q: Are plastic boxes safe for storing things at storage facilities?
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"Yes, storing prints in plastic containers are one of the best ways to store prints. You can also use plastic storage bags, plastic folders and things like that."

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Where can I find some industrial sized storage tubs?

I believe plastic storage bins are your best solution for storing and maintaining your inventory. They keep things organized and free of dust. Which provides long term quality for your products.

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I think the best place for you to buy plastic storage containers would be they have great deal on many things including storage containers. They also have a vast selection, so you should fin what you need there.

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Climate controlled storage is useful for storing clothing, furniture, collectibles, and other things that need to be kept at a constant temperature and humidity. Almost all popular self-storage outfits are climate controlled.

Should it be better storing sandwiches in plastic or foil?

it would be better to store them in foil because no light would get in and do bad things to the food