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No, there are no chiral centres.

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Q: Are the cis and trans isomers of 4-tert-butyl cyclohexanol chiral If not what symmetry element do they possess?
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Is xylene an element or compound?

No because it is not an element. It is a mixture of 3 aromatic isomers found in crude oil.

Does this element actinium have an isotope?

Actinium has 36 isotopes and 7 nuclear isomers.

How are 2 isomers alike and how are they different?

Two isomers will have the same chemical formula. In otherwords the same numbers of atoms of each element. Those atoms, however, will be arranged differently.

How many isotopes does the element seaborgium have?

Seaborgium (Sg) has 17 isotopes - including isomers and metastable isotopes.

What requirement must be met for two compounds to be isomers?

For two compounds to be isomers, they must be composed of exactly the same atoms (that is to say, equal numbers of each element in their formula) but the atoms are arranged differently.

Why are CH3CH2COOH and CH3CHOHCHO optical isomers?

These are not optical isomers they are functional group isomers a subcategory of structural isomers.

Does Francium has 17 elements?

Francium is only one chemical element: but francium has ca. 40 isotopes and nuclear isomers.

Three types of isomers?

The three main types of isomers are structural isomers, geometric isomers, and enantiomers.

How can two compounds make from the same element be different?

Isomers are compounds that exist in different molecular arrangements of atoms of the same elements and having identical atomic weights. Although isomers of a compound contain the same atoms in their molecules, the atoms are arranged in a different molecular structure and the isomers may differ in their physical, chemical, and biological properties.

Does RNA have isomers?

Yes, RNA does have isomers.

What are the isomers of C5H11Cl?

8 possible constitutional isomers

The three isomers of pentane have different?

The three isomers of pentane have different structures,i.e.they r chain isomers.