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The records of the Earth's magnetic field in rocks have been studied.

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Q: Because of the property of paleomagnetism?
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According to the property of paleomagnetism?

iron rich rocks show the location of the magnetic poles at the time of their formation.

What is the study of the magnetic record preserved in Earth's rocks called?


What are the importance of paleomagnetism?

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Who invented the paleomagnetism theory?

No one person invented or developed the theory of paleomagnetism. Several different scientists contributed to the development of the theory of paleomagnetism.

How does paleomagnetism affect humans?

Paleomagnetism refers to the magnetism found in rocks that was induced by the earth's magnetic field. A deeper understanding of the concepts behind paleomagnetism could positively impact the lives of humans.

Is paleomagnetism the study of ancient magnetism?

Paleomagnetism is the study of the magnetism of ancient rocks. In principle, it was the study of ancient magnetism

What did scientist Henry Hess invent?


What has the author Allan Verne Cox written?

Allan Verne Cox has written: 'Review of paleomagnetism' -- subject(s): Magnetism, Terrestrial, Paleomagnetism, Terrestrial Magnetism

What is paleomagnetisim?

Paleomagnetism is the study of the record of the Earth's_magnetic_fieldpreserved in various MagneticMineralthrough time. The study of paleomagnetism has demonstrated that the Earth's Magnetic_fieldvaries substantially in both orientation and intensity through time.

What are three types of paleomagnetism?

dia, para, ferro magnetism

What is the study of the past magnetism in rocks known as?

This is known as paleomagnetism.

What is the study of the Earth's magnetic field is known as?

it's paleomagnetism