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yeS ¿?

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Q: Can acid or surgery successfully remove your fingerprints?
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How do you remove fingerprints?

There are not many ways to remove fingerprints that would not be painful. They can either be burned off or removed by acid.

Who attempted to destroy their fingerprints with Corrosive acid?

Gangster John Dillinger attempted to destroy his fingerprints with corrosive acid.

John Dillinger Did he have plastic surgery?

Yes. Mostly a facelift, and a changed appearance of his nose and the cleft taken out of his chin. And his fingerprints were removed with hydrochloric acid.

Can you burn your fingerprints with acid?

Yes, if the pH is between 4-1 then it can burn you.

Should uric acid go for surgery?

Surgery will tend to increase the amount of uric acid in the blood as the body repairs and metabolizes the purines in the cells killed as a result of the surgery.

What does the acid appear to remove from the bone?

Acid appears to remove calcium from bone.

Do you use acid or base to remove rust?

Acid to remove, base to produce!

Will you start to lose your fingerprints by playing guitar a lot?

No, playing guitar will only callus your fingers. It will not remove the prints. However you can remove them temporarily by rubbing them with something such as pineapple juice, other types of acid, and certain stones. There are also permanent ways that use very strong acids and if are not done correctly will prove to be highly painful and near fatal. <><><><><> In many jurisdictions, removing your fingerprints is illegal.

How do you get fingerprints off pictures?

You take a shirt and you rub around on the top of the photo if you do not the acid on your fingerprints will go through the picture when it is older. Isn't it weird?Thx,WildComet on Horse Isle 1

What are the risks for acid reflux surgery?

There are several risks from acid reflux surgery. The first being the general anesthesia and possible complications from major surgery such as infections and bleeding. Other can be excessive bloating and gas. In rare cases, some patients had difficulty swallowing after their surgery.

Can muriatic acid remove paint from concrete?

No. Muriatic acid will not remove paint from concrete. Muriatic acid will etch bare concrete though.

Which acid is used to remove ink stain?

Oxalic acid

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