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No. At ground state, the electrons are at their lowest energy.

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Q: Can electrons lose energy at ground state explain?
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What is the state when all electrons of an atom are in the lowest possible energy levels?

whenever they are in there most stable state , then they are at their lowest energy level. as u provide energy , they get excited and then upgrade to further energy level . and due to loss of energy , they regain earlier positions.

Which state in which all the electrons are at their lowest possible energy level?

ground state

How many electrons are in the energy levels of carbon?

In its ground state, carbon does not have any electrons in the third energy level.

Which energy position do electrons generally want to be in?

Their lowest possible energy state, called the "ground state".

How many electrons does calcium have in the second energy level?

Calcium atoms have 8 electrons in the second energy level. However, they are not the valence electrons. The outermost electrons in a calcium atom in the ground state are 2 4s electrons. So calcium atoms in the ground state have 2 valence electrons in the fourth energy level.

How many electrons are in the third energy level of helium?

Helium has only one energy level with two electrons. It does not have electrons in other energy levels in its ground state.

What is the name of the state of the electrons when the electrons have not gained any energy and they are resting comfortably in the lowest possible orbital?

Ground state.

What is the lowest energy level?

1. Atoms do not have energy levels unlike particles like electrons etc.2. The lowest energy for atoms will be 0 at absolute zero temp of 0 deg Kelvin.3. For electrons in all atoms lowest energy is that of 2 electrons nearest to the nucleus.

When electrons move from a high energy excited state to a low energy ground state. E Energy is absorbed by the atom?

Energy is released

An atom absorbs energy as its electron?

An electron in the ground state does absorb energy in form of photons or other electromagnetic radiations.

When do all electrons in an atom have the lowest possible energies?

This is called the "ground state", all electrons occupy the orbitals of lowest energy available to them.

In a potassium atom in its ground state the electrons that possess the least amount of energy are located in the?

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