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Reacts with other substances.

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Yes, it is true.

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Q: Can knowing about chemical properties can help identify elements and compounds?
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What rule do you use to identify substance as elements and compounds?

By physical and chemical properties

How do you identify elements in a compound?

there are many methods to identify compounds and elements like nmr, ir, chromatography, mass spectrometry, uv

How you can easily identify elements from compounds through its chemical formula?

Each chemical element has a specific chemical symbol; see the link below for the list of chemical elements with symbols.

How can the periodic table identify the properties of chemical families?

Periodic table group elements with same properties together. Hence their properties can be identified.

How can you identify that a change is chemical?

It has the properties of a chemical change.

How many compounds and elements are in water?

There are 118 chemical elements, give or take, as the heaviest are extremely unstable and difficult to synthesize and identify. As for chemical compounds, there are many millions of them, with tens of thousands of new ones being synthesized each year.

How do you indentify the elements in a compounds chemical formula?

Elements identify what is in the formula. Everything starts as an element, wiether its 1 or 10.

What is the abbreviation for the element iodine?

The chemical symbol for iodine is I. So for compounds like silver iodide, we denote them as AgI. Abbreviations make it easy for us to represent and identify elements in chemical formula and equations.

Identify the elements the polyatomic groups and their proportions in the following compounds?

Good luck with that.

How can you identify elements and compounds?

i dond have words to say.....i am sorry.....plz 4give me

Which properties can you use to identify an unknown mineral?

chemical analysis

Why chemical properties not always used to identify minerals?

The stripe, and color