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absolutely, mice will chew through anything. Apart from wire wool, they hate the stuff

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Q: Can mice eat through aluminium foil?
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How do hawks depend on sunlight for their energy?

The plants use the sunlight, the mice eat the plants, the hawks eat the mice. 'Tis the circle of life.

Do goats eat aluminium cans?

No but they may be inquisitive enough to try and find out what is inside the can.

What type of acid eats through anything?

Hydrofluoric acid is known to eat through many things, including glass. Though I don't think that there is any specific acid that can eat through everything. Hydroflouric acid can eat through just about anything.

What acid can eat through steel?

nitric acid

Is aluminium foil bad for you?

How could something that stops the government and aliens from being able to read your thoughts be bad for you? : )^^^^^^^^What_with_the_above_answer??__Not_if_you_dont_eat_it._DONT_EAT_IT._But_touching_it_and_stuff,_no_probs_not._:D">^^^^^^^^What with the above answer??Not if you dont eat it. DONT EAT IT. But touching it and stuff, no probs not. :DIs aluminum in the kitchen bad for your health? Rest easy: Though results aren't entirely conclusive, the overwhelming consensus is that there's little cause for worry.One concern has been that foil use might contribute to the buildup of aluminum found in the brains of some Alzheimer's patients. "Aluminum has neurotoxic properties, but no direct link to human neurodegenerative disease has been established," says Jean Harry, Ph.D., a toxicologist at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences. Harry also says any leaching from utensils, pans, and foil accounts for only a fraction of the amount considered safe to ingest daily through food, drinking water, and pharmaceuticals (some antacids contain aluminum; so does most buffered aspirin).As for the possibility that aluminum is a carcinogen: It's not classified as one by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' National Toxicology Program. Ted Gansler, M.D., director of medical content for the American Cancer Society, says, "From the perspective of cancer risk, I don't see a single reason to be concerned about aluminum foil."

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What foods contain aluminium?

don't eat da aluminum foil

Can you eat aluminum foil?

Aluminium foil may not cause any harm to our bodies when it is (accidentally) consumed in very small quantities, because it is common that it gets into our food sometimes. However it is not advisable to eat aluminum foil because it is not an edible food.

Can mice eat through concrete?


Why does foil get holes in it after wrapping some foods?

If the food is acidic, it will eat through the foil. For example, you cannot put aluminum foil on lasagna because the acidity of the tomato sauce will eat through it.

Can termites eat through tin foil?

can termites eat aluminum

What dissolves aluminum foil?

A common use of aluminum foil is covering foods, however anything acidic can dissolve the foil, including ketchup and icing. Brine will degrade the integrity of Aluminium over time, and will eventually disintegrate it, however, this is not a quick process and can take many years, if not centuries. There are likely some forms of protazoa which can "eat" through Aluminium but again, it is not something that would happen quickly.

Can mice eat through plastic?


What happened to animals that eat aluminium?

they get poisond and die It depends on how much and how stiff the aluminum is. If they eat a little bit of aluminum foil, it will probably pass through with no harm done. If they swallow a chunk of an aluminum can or something similar, it could cause internal ruptures.

Can mice eat through walls?

yes a mouse can eat a wall. all rodents will eat a wall

Why do frogs eat mice who eat cheese?

Because large frogs are indiscriminate carnivores, and will eat any like-sized animal. Mice gain energy through eating materials, and frogs gain it through eating animals.

Are mice picky?

Some mice are picky eaters, some are not. Most wild mice will eat anything they can get to. However, some pet mice will dig through the food bowl to find the sunflower seeds and eat only those.

Can mice eat clothing?

They don't actually eat your clothes but they do chew holes through them and make nests with them.

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