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i think no

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Q: Can rubbing alcohol be used on mirrors safely or does it damage?
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Why does rubbing alcohol reduce fevers?

Rubbing alcohol is isopropyl alcohol, and is poisonous if ingested, (the alcohol you can drink safely is ethanol, a different chemical compound). Rubbing alcohol cools the skin by convection, as the alcohol evaporates it carries the heat away from the body with it, just like perspiration, only faster. Cooling of the body with alcohol will help in reducing a fever, but should only be done when the body temperature is dangerously high, 104-105 or greater. It is best to supplement this cooling with effective medicines like ibuprofen, aspirin (not for young children), or acetaminophen, these take longer to work, but their effect lasts longer. Severely elevated body temperature can cause seizures and/or brain damage in children, if they have a fever that is greater than 104 degrees and does not respond to treatment should be addressed by a physician.

What does electric mirrors in car do?

Allows the driver to adjust mirrors from the seating position he will be in when he uses them. Also allows him to safely adjust mirrors while driving.

How do you steralise peicings?

Sterilizing any wound can be done most effectively and safely by using rubbing alcohol. It may cause initial pain, but is the most effective way to prevent infection.

Where can you safely download Knoppix?

Any of the download mirrors listed on Knoppix's website should be suitable.

What are risks of drinking?

The risks of drinking are many. If you drink too much you might get adicted to it. During pregnancy you might have problems. Alcohol reduces the abiliy to safely drive or operate machinery. Excess alcohol use can cause irreperable damage to internal organs.

How Uses of mirrors in daily life?

To view physical appearance by own-self.answer #2grocery store scanners use mirrors to direct the lasers, many other laser applications use mirrors to move and direct the beams. Many industrial processes use mirrors and lasers to direct light and laser beams. You use mirrors to drive safely. Warehouses use mirrors on the corners to prevent collisions. Many camera have mirrors in them. We use mirrors for many different applications.

What term is defined as the process of safely getting alcohol out of one?


What does a cars mirror do?

A cars mirrors (minus the sun-visor mirrors) help you to safely navigate through the road. Side mirror & rear view mirrors will help you see objects & people without turning your head all the time. Note that these mirrors do have blind spots. You will have to double check before you take any action. Be safe!

What term is defined as the process of safely getting alcohol out one's system?


Which of these terms is defined as the process of safely getting alcohol out of one's system?


What term is defined as the process of safely getting alcohol out of one system?


Can you drink wine while taking Prednisone?

There is absolutely no interaction between prednisone and alcohol. You can continue to drink alcohol, safely of course. but prednisone is irritating to the lining of the stomach as is alcohol.