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Yes they can.

For example CH2O is the empirical formula for both formaldehyde(CH2O) and glucose(C6H12O6)

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Q: Can several compounds have the same empirical but have different molecular formulas?
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Formaldehyde and acetic acid have the same empirical formula but different?

These two compounds has different molecular formulas.

Is it possible for different covalent compounds to have the same empirical formula?

Yes. They would just have different molecular formulas

Which substance has the same molecular and empirical formulas?

CH4 has the same molecular and empirical formulas.

Why are molecular formulas not practical for ionic compounds?

Molecular formulas are not practical for ionic compounds because they do not have any molecules. A formula like the empirical formula must be used instead since they have ions.

How are the empirical and the molecular formulas for a compound related?

the empirical formula only gives the amount of each element as a ratiothe molecular formula gives the actual number of atoms of each element in a molecule of the compoundFor example these compounds all have the same empirical formula (CH2) but different molecular formulas: ethylene C2H4butene C4H8cyclohexane C6H12cyclooctane C8H16cyclodecane C10H20etc.

It is possible for different covalent compounds to have the same empirical formula because empirical formulas represent what?

Empirical formulas represent the simplest component of a molecule.

Why do you use both empirical and molecular formula?

Molecular formulas are used the most often, but empirical formulas do help at times. Often it's just to simplify the molecular formula, but this simplification can often tell you if it's in the same chemical family as other compounds and such.

How are molecular and empirical formulas related?

Molecular formula is the integral multiple of Empirical formula.

Two compounds that have the same molecular formula but different structural formulas are?

Two compounds that have the same molecular formula but different structural formulas are isomers of each other.

Does the concept of empirical formulas and molecular formulas apply to ionic compounds?

The concept of empirical formulas apply to ionic compounds. You write the action first, the anion second, and use the minimal amount of atoms possible to make a neutral compound. A molecular formula would be the formula without necessarily the minimum amount of atoms.

Empirical and molecular formulas?

Example of Empirical formula is : CO2 Example of Molecular formula is : C4O8

How are the empirical and molecular formulas for a compounds related?

A molecular formula is identical to the empirical formula, and is based on quantity of atoms of each type in the compound.The relationship between empirical and molecular formula is that the empirical formula is the simplest formula, and the molecular can be the same as the empirical, or some multiple of it. An example might be an empirical formula of C3H8. Its molecular formula may be C3H8 , C6H16, C9H24, etc. Looking at it the other way, if the molecular formula is C6H12O6, the empirical formula would be CH2O.

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