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Because unlike the empirical formula, the molecular formula does not have to be the simplest ratio.

If by chance you are given the percent composition of the elements in a substance, you could calculate the empirical formula and then the empirical formula's mass. However, the molecular formula equation is molecular formula= (empirical formula)n, where n is the mass of the molecular formula divided by the mass of the empirical formula. You would, therefore, need to know the mass belonging to the molecular formula, which you are not given.

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What does compounds molecular formula tells what?

Molecular formula of a chemical substance is representative for the composition of this chemical substance.

Can you determine the molecular formula of a substance from its percent composition?

Not completely. The empirical formula of a substance can be determined from its percent composition, but a determination of molecular weight is needed to decide which multiple of the empirical formula represents the molecular formula.

It is possible to determine the molecular formula of a substance from its percentage composition?

From the percentage composition only, an empirical formula can be derived, but a proper molecular formula can only be assured by adding some information about the molecular weight of the substance concerned.

Molecular compounds that dissolve in water do not conduct electricity because no?

No mobile charged particles are present in sufficient concentration.

Are molecular compounds formed from semimetals?

Molecular compounds certainly can be formed from semimetals, but not all the compounds of semimetals are molecular.

How do you differentiate simple molecular compounds and giant molecular compounds?

simple molecular compounds have weak forces of atraction.

What determines the color of opaquetranslucent and transparent object?

Its molecular composition will determine which light wavelengths are absorbed and reflected.

What is the relationship between prefixes and molecular compounds?

the relationship between prefixes and molecular compounds is that, prefix are used to name molecular compounds.

What is the difference between the composition of binary ionic and binary molecular compounds?

Molecular compounds contain only non-metals (carbon, hydrogen, phosphorus), while ionic compounds contain at least one metal (zinc, manganese, iron) and at least one non-metal.

How do molecular compounds bond?

When molecular compounds bond, they share electrons.

What kind of process alters molecular composition?

A chemical reaction alters molecular composition.

How are atoms arranged in molecular compounds?

Atoms are arranged in molecular compounds in groups.

Can molecular compounds have covalent bonds?

Correct, molecular Compounds have covalent bond.

How are formulas for binary molecular compounds written?

Binary molecular compounds are formed from the reaction between two nonmetals. The formulas for binary molecular compounds are written in a similar manner with ionic compounds.

Why is it that only molecular compounds can have a molecular formula?

Because there are no compounds that aren't molecules/molecular. The question as posed is nonsense. Rephrase?

Which is a property of a molecular compound?

Molecular compounds, also known as covalent compounds, have relatively low melting and boiling points. Molecular compounds tend to be soft and flexible.

How does melting point compare among molecular compounds and ionic compounds?

Molecular compounds tend to have lower melting points.

How are molecular compounds named?

The rules for naming binary molecular compounds are similar to those for naming ionic compounds. However, the names of molecular compounds include prefixes that indicate the number of atoms in the molecule.

What is the binary molecular compounds?

Such compounds in which atoms are held by covalent bonds are termed molecular compounds.Binary means two, so such molecular compounds which have two sort of elements in are possibly termed binary molecular compounds.for example Binary acids are certain molecular compounds in which hydrogen is combined with a second nonmetallic element.Examples: H2O, HF, HCl, HBr, HI

What type of elements typically compose molecular compounds?

Molecular compounds are typically composed of nonmetals.

Are molecular compounds made up of metals or nonmetals?

Some molecular compounds, such as methyl mercury, contain both metals and nonmetals. Most molecular compounds contain only nonmetals, and all molecular compounds contain at least one nonmetal element.

How do scientists show the chemical composition of molecules?

The most common and simplified method and convention of notating elemental composition and molar quantities of molecular compounds comes through their molecular formula. In water, its formula is H2O indicating it contains a single atom of oxygen and two of hydrogen.

What is true about molecular compounds?

Molecular compounds are composed of atoms of different elements covalently bonded. The smallest particle of a molecular compound is a molecule.

What are three properties of molecular compounds?

Molecular compounds have low melting and boiling points, and do not conduct electricity.

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