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There are many places that will buy used propane tanks. However, there are also places you can exchange the tank for a new one for a reduced price. If you use propane for grilling, it is cheaper to do a tank exchange then to sell the tank and buy a new one.

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Q: Can you sell a used propane tank?
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Where can you sell used propane tank?

Propane tanks are to be dropped off at a recycling center when they are no longer needed. people exchange empty propane tanks for filled ones at many stores.

Why does the propane tank hiss when turned on?

It's the sound of the lines filling with propane, not the propane tank.

Could you fill hpa tank at a propane store?

If a store has a 3000-4500 air compressor then yes. If they only sell propane then no, but some places sell all kinds of gases.

Where to find a 5 lb propane tank?

Usually your local auto store that sells propane, or similar propane shop, should sell individual tanks ranging from the smaller 5 pound to the larger 7 pound tank. Some may even sell 10 to 50 pound tanks.

What size propane tank can hold 60 gal of propane?

A 60 gallon tank?

What is the PSI in a 16 oz propane tank?

About 120psi for a 16 oz propane tank

Does any brand of propane work for my new BBQ grill?

There is only one type of propane that can be used for your BBQ. If you go to any store that sells propane for BBQs you will be able to purchase a tank of propane. However since this is the first time you will be connecting your BBQ to a propane tank you have to make sure that you have the right fittings and hose to connect to the tank.

Why am i not getting any gas to propane logs?

Propane tank is empty.Shutoff valve on propane tank is off.Shutoff valve at propane logs is off.Propane regulator is defective.

Can a propane regulator be used with an acetylene tank?

yes it can but apparently isn't ideal. we run acetylene regs on our propane torch.

What are propane tanks used for?

Storing propane. The tank can be attached to various appliances as a source of combustion fuel. Barbecue grills commonly use propane tanks.

How many gals of propane does a 30 gal tank hold?

A 30 lb propane tank holds about 7 gallons of propane.

How Does a Propane Tank Work?

Propane fuel comes in either a liquid or gas form, and is used to power engines, gas torches, barbecue grills, portable stoves, and residential heating. You are probably most familiar with propane in tanks. Propane tanks are used for fuel in cooking on grills or camping stoves. The tank is normally 4.73 gallons, and is often referred to as a barbecue tank. The propane tank works by way of an attached metering nozzle device. Some rural homes or farms use larger propane tanks that are periodically refilled by propane-delivery trucks. These are common to homes or farms without convenient access to other energy sources. Larger residential propane tanks can be used to fuel furnaces, cooking stoves, water heaters, laundry dryers, grain dryers, and various heat-producing appliances around the home. Propane containers hold propane in its liquid form. Tanks use a series of standardized valves. These valves work together to ensure proper propane maintenance. The valves on a propane tank include a • Fill valve, which is used for attaching a delivery hose and refilling the propane tank. • Vapor return valve that functions to normalize pressure within the tank during propane delivery. • Service valve, which changes liquid gas propane into a vapor. • Relief valve that is used to release excess pressure and prevent volatile reactions. • Liquid withdraw valve, which controls the amount of LP gas that is released from the propane tank. In addition to these valves, two types of standardized gauges are essential to proper tank operation. A float gauge measures the amount of propane in the tank and a fixed liquid level gauge indicates when the propane level exceeds 80% of the tank’s total volume. Propane tank installation is a licensed trade, and only skilled individuals may install a propane storage tank. Professional propane workers ensure compliance with state regulations and safety to propane tank users. For larger tanks, a crane is often used for installing the propane container. A propane delivery driver will periodically return and refill a propane tank as it is needed. In addition, the driver is needed to recertify the tank for safety every 5 years, and to check environmental hazards.

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