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Q: Can you show me a funny Democritus skit?
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What could you do in a talent show for a boy?

U could rap, dance, sing, play an instrument, or a funny skit with freinds.

How do you win a talent show?

Well do whatever your comfortable with. But put a little pazas in it. Instead of doing a funny skit do a hilarious skit , or instead of just singing sing and dance to your fave song. And use props for singing acting or dancing... practice

I need a funny skit for a mature driver operators class?

Make a skit of a drunk driver dying. It will tell the mature drivers to not drink and drive. Simple as tht

What funny skit should you perform at school?

You don't have to perform a funny skit that's been performed before. Make up your own. Be original. Wild. Dare to be different. Don't follow the herd. Don't be a sheep. Be a goat! Make up your own.

What is something funny and unordinary to see talent for a High School Talent Show Even if it is simple and everyone can do it?

How about singing, showing off art work or even acting out a skit you made or something. ;^P

Who is Bobby Lee?

He is usually on mad tv and he's a wicked funny comedian. My favorite skit is Asian Powers on mad tv it's wicked funny!!!!!!

Where can you find a clip of someone doing a funny skit on bloomberg tv on SNL?

on youtube! you can find almost anything on there

What awards show did Taylor Swift do the 'But It's My Dream' skit?

It was the CMT 2009 Awards Show.

What is the name of the skit in the Andy Milonakis show about the bird noiseS?


Does anyone have a funny children's Christmas skit idea?

you can write a play about how sant is going on retierment and mrs. clause the head elf, and a rein deer are putting on a game show to see who will be the next santa! good luck!!

Who was the Girl in mad real world?

The girl in the Mad Real World skit from Chappelle's Show was Rashida Jones. She played the character of Katie in the skit.

What is the duration of Show Me The Funny?

The duration of Show Me The Funny is 3600.0 seconds.