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Personally, I have never experienced negative side effects of combining the two. I wouldn't recommend going overboard and advise you to stick with either one or two compounds (my preferred compounds are testosterone enanthate and trenbolone enanthate) as adding more can cause adverse reactions from aas alone. Best of luck to you, mate.

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Yes, you can. I take 1500 mg of lithium and 60 mg of vyvanse a day. Although lithium may reduce the effectiveness of the vyvanse, which I'm not sure I've noticed it or not, the drug interaction between them is minor and in most cases they're safe to take together.

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Q: Can you take lithium and Vyvanse together?
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Can you take Vyvanse and seroquel together?

vyvanse in the morning and seroquel at night

Can you take cephalexin and lithium together?

lithium and cephialexin can you take these together

Can you take lithium and hydroxyzine together?

What are the possible side effects from taking lithium and hydroxyzine together

Can you take Vyvanse and clonidine together?

You can take them together, but both medications can have an additive effect on each other; meaning that you could get really drowsy when you take both of them.

Mixing Vyvanse and Zoloft?

Can Cause Serotonin disease. I am on zoloft and take vyvanse every once in a while. The two together increase the symptons felt when taking a vyvanse. Its pretty sweet

When to take levothyroxine and Vyvanse?

Take the levothyroxine 45 mins before you take your dose of vyvanse , as I also take these meds , specifically 180 mcg levothyroxine 100 mg vyvanse, (the 100 mg vyvanse is not a commonly prescribed dose, granted how 70 mg is the "fda recomended" max , that aside you can take them both together, as it wouldn't directly make any efect on either drug.

Can you take Vyvanse and ephedrine hcl together?

Absolutely not. Taking epehdrine and Vyvanse (R) together can result in a stroke, a heart attack or other ischemic cardiac event. It could kill you. Never take those two medications together without your doctor or pharmacist telling you to. I am a pharmacist, and I would never recommend it....

Can Viagra and lithium be taken safely together?

Yes, you can take these drugs together since there is no interactions between them.

Can you take Valium lithium metaxalon and Lortab?

You can take Valium, with Lithium, when prescribed by your physician. Metaxalon and Valium, both are a muscle relaxants. They should not be prescribed together. Hydrocodone and Valium, both are sedatives. They should not be prescribed together.

Can you take clonidine with Vyvanse?

If is completely fine to take the drugs Clonidine and Vyvanse. Clonidine will help you with your sleeping problems.

Can you take Xanax and Vyvanse?

That depends on what the prescribing physician and/or primary care provider decides. That being said, Xanax (alprazolam) and Vyvanse (lisdexamfetamine) have no known drug to drug interactions and can be taken safely together.