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There is water vapor in the air, and that is a gas.

The water vapor condenses on an object.

The water vapor comes together and forms water droplets.

These water droplets are now a liquid.

This is condensation. So, to answer your question, gas becomes liquid.

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Water at 0 Psi.g. and at sea level boils at 212 degrees.

If you begin with 1 lb of water at 32 degrees in a tea kettle on a stove top and bring it to boiling you will have added 180 BTU's. (British Thermal Units) - One BTU will raise a lb of water 1 degree F. The temperature of the water will be 212 degrees.

Now continue to boil the water until the entire lb of water evaporates.

At this point you will have added 970 more BTU's. These Btu are known as Latent Heat.

Latent is Latin for "hidden". You cannot measure this heat with a thermometer.

Imagine doing this in a closed kettle that was tight and would allow no steam to escape.

The one lb of water will boil at 212 degrees. 970 more BTU's will be added.

Turn off the heat supply and watch the kettle. You won't see them but those 970 BTU's will transfer from inside the kettle to the cooler air outside the kettle. Carefull place your hand apporx. 1 inch from the surface of the kettle and you will feel the heat.

As this transfer of heat takes place the steam simply changes state back from a gas to a liquid.

Just the opposite of watching ice melt.

Look up Steam Tables and you can learn more.


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During condensation water cools and changes from a gas (water vapor) to a liquid (Water)

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Change from a gas to a liquid.

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Q: Describe the changes in the state of water during condensation?
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