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yes he did he had 8 all together
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albert instine and chase utley

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Q: Did ernest Rutherford have any brother and sisters?
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Did sir humphry davy have any brothers or sisters?

Yes, he was the oldest of five children. It was him, his brother John, and three sisters. Hope This Helped! :)

Who discovered that an atom is mostly empty space?

Rutherford's Experiment In this expt, Alpha particles (Double positive charged helium atom) were bombarded on a thin gold foil. Observation:- 1) Most of the rays passed straight through it without any deflection...(Answer to ur question) 2) Some rays were deflected through an small angle giving the sense of presence of Electrones 3) 1 out of 20000 rays was was deflected right back through the same path ( Nucleus )

Who identified the nucleus of an atom?

The nucleus of an atom is far too small to be "seen" in any conventional sense. The structure of the atom, that is, the one with most of the mass of the atom concentrated in the center, or nucleus, was developed by physicist Ernest Rutherford. In a sense, he is the one who first "saw" the nucleus of the atom. A link to the Wikipedia article on the atom, an article which includes the history of discoveries that lead to modern concepts of it, is provided. A link is also provided to the Rutherford model of the atom, also at Wikipedia. Hey, the nice folks at Wikipedia post knowledge for free. Why not surf on over and help yourself? It's a buffet, with all you can eat.

Who discovered a proton?

The proton was discovered in 1918 by Ernest Rutherford. He noticed that when alpha particles were shot into nitrogen gas, his scintillation detectors showed the signatures of hydrogen nuclei. Rutherford determined that the only place this hydrogen could have come from was the nitrogen, and therefore nitrogen must contain hydrogen nuclei. He thus suggested that the hydrogen nucleus, which was known to have an atomic number of 1, was an elementary particle. This he named proton, from protos, the Greek for "first".See for more informationDiscovery of the ProtonIn the early 1920's after the discovery of the electron, Rutherford and other physicists made a number experiments, transmuting one atom into another. In every case, hydrogen nuclei were emitted in the process. It was apparent that the hydrogen nucleus played a fundamental role in atomic structure, and by the late 1920's physicists were regularly referring to hydrogen nuclei as 'protons'. The term proton itself seems to have been coined by Rutherford, and first appears in print in 1920. See the Related Questions links to the left for more information.

What is the atom model called?

The current model of an atom is called the Bohr model.

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Ernest Rutherford

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yes he was a Professer of Physics in the Unitversity of Manchester

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