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Yes, bigger bubbles reach the ground sooner than smaller bubbles do.

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Q: Do big bubbles fall faster than small bubbles?
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Do big bubbles pop faster than small bubbles?

big bubbles can pop pretty fast but small bubbles can't pop faster. by. Adam 8) I like bubbles. :P

Do small bubbles rise faster than big bubbles?

Large bubbles rise faster. The force is provided by the displacement of water, therefore the larger the amount of air the larger the force, so they rise faster.

Which will fall faster large or small raindrops?

The maximum speed that raindrops can fall is around 18mph, depending on their size. Larger drops fall faster than smaller drops, due to their greater mass.

Why does sparkling water boil faster than water?

there are already bubbles in it

Do big bubbles pop faster than smaller bubbles?

Big bubbles are likely to pop slower than smaller bubbles would because the effects of their surroundings will take more time to destroy them as they are larger.

Why do you fall faster than balloons?

a person would fall faster because we have more mass (weight) than the balloon.

Will an elephant fall faster than a mouse?

Yes the elephant will fall fasterr

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Do the ball fall faster than a lowest mass?


How much faster does a crumpled paper fall than a flat sheet show a video?

how much faster does a crumpled paper fall than a flat sheet

Do heavier objects fall faster than lighter ones?

yes heavier objects fall faster than lighter ones. they fall faster because the pull-push theory also goes with the gravitional pull throughout the earth.

Do boys teeth or girls teeth fall out faster?

The baby teeth of girls usually fall faster than those of the boys.

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