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No, covalent bonds do not dissociate in water at standard conditions. Ionic bonds do dissociate.

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Q: Do covalent bonds dissociate in water?
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Are substances with ionic or covalent bonds more likely to dissociate in water?

Ionic compounds dissociate when they dissolve in water.

Do covalent bonds dissociate in solution?


How do the attractive forces of covalent compounds differ from those of ionic compounds?

Covalent bonds are formed when electrons are shared, and ionic bonds are formed by electrostatic forces between bonds. Ionic bonds are generally weaker than covalent bonds, since most ions dissociate in water, but covalent compounds do not break into their elements unless with large amounts of energy added.

What Bonds dissociate in water to form electrolytes?

ionic bonds

What happens to ionic and covalent compounds when they dissolve in water?

The bonds of ionic compounds tend to dissociate into their positive and negative ions as their molecules are hydrolyzed by the water. The bonds of covalent compounds remain intact even in those that dissolve readily in water, such as sugar alcohol and others.

How is the strength of a covalent bond related to its bond dissociation?

The bond dissociation constant is inversely correlated with the strength of the bond: Strong bonds dissociate slightly, weak bonds dissociate more thoroughly.

How many covalent bonds does water have?

2 covalent bonds

Some covalent compound dissociate dissociate into ions when they dissolve in water and what atom do these compounds have in their structure?


How many covalent bonds does a water molecule have?

2 covalent bonds

Do ionic bonds break apart in water more easily than covalent bonds?

Often - yes. the reason they break apart is the hydration energy of the ions- many ionic compounds are soluble in water and dissociate into ions, however there are ionic solids such as CaCO3 which are not soluble. The bonds in covalent compunds are often not broken- for example thise in alkanes. However there are covalent compounds which do react with water and dissolve.

What type of bonds does the water have?

covalent bonds

Is dextrose covalent?

Yes. Dextrose does not dissociate in water, and therefore does not release ions.

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