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Yes. There should be a date stamp.

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Q: Do propane canisters expire
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there good if you strap 15 canisters of propane to it and then throw a baby at the propane canister

Can you travel with disposable propane canisters?

On a plane? No. They won't let lighters on a plane and wouldn't let something like that.

Where to find apple shaped canisters?

At the apple shaped canisters shop.

What gas do cookers use?

home cookers use methane supplied in gas form. portable stoves can use ethane, propane or, most commonly, butane which is stored in liquid form inside the canisters

Are microfiltrated canisters better for my health?

If you're looking for good health, then consider HEPA filtered canisters.

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Kitchen canisters come in a range of styles and are made from various different materials. It is possible to attain wooden, metal or glass canisters depending on the needs of the individual.

Do diesels have charcoal canisters?


Can propane canisters such as Coleman makes for camp stoves be used on ventless propane fireplaces?

YES, you could use those little tanks for a fireplace (providing you have the proper adapter and gas regulator. BUT it won't work for more than a couple hours. The BTU output is to great for such a small canister and the pressure drop causing carbon monoxide (from the fireplace).

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