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Pretty much any small covalent molecule can exist as a solid, liquid, or gas, so there's not really much of a "why" involved. If it couldn't exist in all three phases, why NOT would be a MUCH more interesting question.

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because moleculec bounce around more when it's warmer therefore they expand. and if you stretch them enough - they change from solid to water and from water to gas.

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Q: Do scientists know why water can be solid liquid or gas?
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How do you know when solid and a liquid form a liquid?

When the solid was frozen. e.g Water + ice = water.

Can water only exist as a liquid?

no, it can be ice and snow and it can be evaporated

What planet has water on the surface in solid liquid and gaseous forms?

I dont know

How does fire impact on water?

water is a liquid and fire is a smoke/solid water stops it i really dont know how to answer that

Is mud a liquid or solid?

Mud is a solid not a liquid if you wanted to know :]

Do scientists believe that liquid water us essential to life?

Yes, as far as we know.

How does a liquid-solid solution form?

As a general rule, chemical reactions can be identified by a number of signs, including precipitation (solids floating in the liquid), effervenscance (bubbling and fizzing), heat being given off or a colour change.

What is the word for the change from a liquid to a solid?


Is a kite a solid liquid or a gas?

a kite is a solid. by the way this answer is kind of funny considering you should know this by know. Here are some examples of solids, liquids, and gases. 1. liquid: water, 2. solid: kite, 3. gas: the air you breath.

Is there liquid anything on Mars?

Not that we know of. The "air" pressure on Mars is so low that water cannot exist in the liquid state; it will be either a gas or a solid. We know that there is some water on Mars; at night, the water vapor condenses as frost onto solid surfaces, such as rocks or spacecraft.

What makes water in to solid and solid into liquid?

well it depends on the temperature because as u know water is originally a liquid but when the temperature hits 32 degrees Fahrenheit or 0 degrees Celsius. And the solid becomes a liquid when its above the freezing point with is 31 degrees Fahrenheit or more above.

Why do scientists think that Europa might have the conditions for life to develop?

As far was we know the development requires water in its liquid for to be present and a source of energy to supply/drive chemical reactions. We know that deep down Europa has a liquid layer (of water) and the geysers of this water into space proves that there is energy in Europa's core.