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There isn't a chemical process that separates oxygen and hydrogen in water. To split the water into hydrogen and oxygen you need to perform electrolysis on pure water. Hydrogen gas will be given off at the cathode (- end) and oxygen will be given off at the anion (+ end)

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Q: Do you need a chemical process to separate water into hydrogen and oxygen?
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Is decomposition of water into hydrogen and oxygen a chemical process?


How do you separate hydrogen and oxygen gases without explosion in industrial electrolysis of water?

you do this and that and this and also that you do this and that and this and also thatYou can separate water into oxygen and hydrogen by the process of electrolysis.

Is using electricity to separate water into hydrogen and oxygen a chemical change?

physical change

Can you separate hydrogen and oxygen in water?

Yes. It's actually a very simple process.

How do you separate Hydrogen and Oxygen gases in industrial electrolysis of water process?

In electrolysis, oxygen and hydrogen gas are produced at different electrodes (oxygen at the anode and hydrogen at the cathode). Since these electrodes do not have to be in close proximity, the hydrogen and oxygen will bubble upwards into separate collection vessels. If you needed to separate hydrogen and oxygen once mixed, the easiest way I can think of would be to cool the mixture to ~60K. At this point the oxygen would condense and leave hydrogen gas.

How do you get pure hydrogen from water?

A chemical process called electrolysis can separate water into its constituent elements hydrogen and oxygen. The equation for the process is: 2H2O --> 2H2 + O2 It can be accomplished by running an electric current through water, and collecting the gases at a cathode and anode.

What is a sentence using hydrogen oxygen chemical change compound water?

There are many sentences that could include these terms. One such sentence is the following: The process by which hydrogen and oxygen convert to water is a chemical change. Also: water is formed in a chemical change involving hydrogen and oxygen.

Is it a chemical or physical change when a scientist break-up water into oxygen and hydrogen gas?

It would be chemical change.

The process of passing electricity through water to chemically separate it into hydrogen and oxygen is call?

It is called electrolysis.

What is the chemical formula for oxygen and hydrogen?

Chemical Name = Oxygen Chemical Symbol = O There is no chemical formula for elements.

How do we turn hydrogen into energy we can use?

Hydrogen can be burnt with oxygen and the formation of the chemical bonds between the atoms releases energy as heat. Free hydrogen is normally manufactured by electrolysis from water, and this requires energy to separate the hydrogen-oxygen bonds, and it is this energy that is released when the chemical bonds are re-formed by combustion.

How do you separate hydrogen and oxygen gas after you make it from electrolysis?

Use a distillation column. It cools down the gases to below the boiling point of oxygen at high preassure. Oxygen condenses and forms a liquid that can be tapped from the column while hydrogen remains a gas. Why not separate the electrodes used in the electrolyzation process and trap hydrogen at one and the oxygen at the other? It is a lot easier, and probably a lot less dangerous (as a hydrogen and oxygen gas mixture is explosive).