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Yes, camphor is an organic compound.

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Q: Does camphor produce CO2 while burning?
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Does oxygen produce co2 while burning?

This depends on what fuel you are burning: it must contain (at least some) carbon

Which substance will sublime at 298K?

Co2(s) will sublime

Does burning produce co2?

If the fuel that is burnt contains hydrocarbons, yes.

Do Termites produce more CO2 than human's burning of fossil fuels?


Why do appliances produce carbon dioxide?

Appliances don't exactly produce carbon dioxide (CO2), but they are responsible for CO2 emissions. Appliances run on electricity, and most electricity is generated by burning fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas). This burning emits CO2, a greenhouse gas that is causing global warming.

How does the burning of fossil fuels affect the future generation?

Burning fossil fuels will Produce CarbonDioxide (CO2) or GreenHouse Gases and the CO2 gets into earths atmosphere and warms up the planet, this is called global warming, this has effect on the weather

What gas does methane produce when burnt?

The products produced when burning methane (CH4) are carbon dioxide (CO2) and water (H2O).

Carbon burning in a low oxygen supply to produce carbon monoxide?

in ist step CO2 is formed which reduces to CO..

Why does an energy efficient light bulb use less CO2?

There are different ways to produce energy, but many of them involve burning some substance - for example, petroleum - that produces CO2.

What are the soures of co2 in atomsphre?

there are many sources including many which are caused by us human. Plants proudce co2 at night when there is no light. In burning fossil fuels we also produce vasts amounts of co2 the co2 conc of the air now is 0.004%

When oil is burned does it produce methane?

Burning oil cannot produce methane. The gases produced are mostly CO2 and CO, and maybe some oxides of sulfer and nitrogen.

Is gas burning a chemical changing?

Yes, butane burning is a chemical change. The molecule of butane is converted to CO2 and H2O when combusted in oxygen.