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If I remember correctly i-butane is slightly higher pressure at room temperature than n -butane 45 psi vs 30 psi at room temperature. They buran at the same temperature for the same air/fuel ratio. The higher pressure would result is more fuel flow for the same orfice size. Your stove should have a control valve so it should not matter. Nost lighters and other things that say butane are actuall isobutane because it produces higher pressure and the lighter will function better at cold temperatrues. Your stove likely used isobutane any way. Propane is much higher pressure so don't simply substute propane for butane usless the device is made for propane as well.

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Q: Does isobutane burn hotter than butane - Can you damage a backpacking stove made for burning butane by burning isobutane in it?
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