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Yes, vibration of the canister (as caused by tapping the top) will, in most cases, reduce the resultant spillage of liquid.

Fizzy drinks contain CO₂; this harmless gas is what makes them fizzy. Shaking a can causes small bubbles of previously dissolved CO₂ to adhere to the sides (and most importantly; bottom) of the can. When a shaken can is opened, CO₂ from the bottom of the can moves upwards, forcing the liquid above it to move upwards and spill out of the can.

Since the force holding the bubbles to the side of the can is very weak, most of the CO₂ should come detached from the sides and bottom of the canister when the canister is vibrated. The CO₂ will then move to the top of the can where it can escape harmlessly upon opening.

It may make more sense, however, to tap the bottom of the can rather than the top.

A video of an experiment:

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Q: Does tapping the top of your can stop it fizzing?
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