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Electrons of an atom occupy areas of space called electron shells or energy levels. Electrons in the shell farthest from the nucleus are the most energetic.

Chemical bonds are energy relationship between valence shell electrons of the reacting atoms. Atoms with eight valence shell electrons are chemically unreactive. Those with an incomplete valence shell interact with other atoms to achieve stability. There are 3 types of chemical bonds: ionic, covalent and hydrogen.

Ionic bonds are formed when valence shell electrons are completely transferred from one atom to another.

Covalent bonds are formed when atoms shared electron pairs. (Equal sharing called nonpolar molecule: unequal - polar).

Hydrogen bonds are weak bonds formed between one hydrogen atom (already covalently linked to electronegative atom) and another electronegative atom (e.q. N, H, and O). They bind together different molecules (e.g. H2O) or different parts of the same molecule (e.q. protein molecules).

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Q: Explain the role of electrons in chemical bonding and in relation to the octet rule?
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What particles play the most active role in chemical bonding?

I think it's electrons.

What particle of an element determines bonding?

Chemical bonding is related mainly to electrons.

Which subatomic particles are involveld in chemical bonding?

The valance electrons of an element are involved in chemical bonding.

What part of an involved in a chemical bonding?

The outer shell electrons of an atom are involved in chemical bonding

What part of that atom is involved in bonding?

The outer or valence electrons are the ones involved in bonding.Valence electrons

What can be shared in chemical bonds?

Electrons are shared in chemical bonding.

The electrons involved in chemical bonding are generally found?

valence electrons

Which subatomic particle allows chemical bonding to occur?

electrons electrons

What is a chemical bond formed by atoms losing or gaining electrons called?

This chemical bonding is called ionic bonding.

Why does knowing the number of electrons in an atom's outermost shell help to understand chemical bonding?

In chemical bonding only valence electrons are only involved in bond formation.So,we should know about the no.of electrons in atoms to understand bonding of atoms.

What electrons are involed in bonding?

The valence electrons are involved in chemical bonding.

What role do valance electrons playing the formation of compounds and elements?

The valence electrons are the only electrons involved in chemical bonding. In covalent bonding sharing occurs In ionic bonding electrons are tranferrred In metallic bonding they are deloclaised across the lattice