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The coefficients represents the number of atoms or molecules involved in the chemical equation.

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Q: Explain what a coefficient in a balanced chemical equation represents?
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What can be changed in a chemical equation to make it balanced?


what reactant has the smallest coefficient in a balanced chemical equation?

It depends on the equation.

What is used to represent a chemical reaction?

A balanced chemical equation represents a chemical equation.

What is the relationship between coefficient and balanced chemical equation?

balance chemical equation, change only the coefficients of the formulas.

What is the number called that is placed before the elements in a balanced chemical equation?


What is the coefficient for oxygen in the balanced chemical equation for the combustion of heptance C7H16?


What is the coefficient shows in a chemical equation?

The coefficient represents the number of atoms, molecules, ions, or moles of a substance.

What is the coefficient for the oxygen molecule in the chemical equation 2HgO --- 2Hg plus O2?

The coefficient for oxygen is 1, and so is not written. The equation is already balanced.

What should every balanced equation have on each side?

every balanced chemical equation hasat least one coefficient of a specie indivisible by 2.

What do coefficients in a chemical equation represent?

Coefficients in a chemical equation represent the number of units of the formula immediately following the coefficient that are involved in the balanced equation for the reaction.

What is a balanced chemical equation why should the chemical equation be balanced?

A balanced chemical equation has correct placed coefficients and a representative chemical equation need these coefficients.

What coefficient does alno33 have in the balanced equation?


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