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* Health

* Effects to the environement

* Cost of production

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Q: For the production of hydrogen and any other industrial technological process what are the three main criteria that are used to judge the process?
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What are the two criteria for whether a change is chemical or physical?

Oxygen and hydrogen

How long does a hydrogen car last?

Who knows as there are no hydrogen cars in production.

Who are Hydrogen users in Los Angeles and Southern California?

I am looking for Industrial Hydrogen users in LA

What is the balanced equation for the production of hydrogen chloride from hydrogen and chlorine?

H2 + Cl2 --------> 2HCl

What are the 4 uses of hydrogen?

1.industrial manufacture of ammonia

What is the immediate source for hydrogen atoms for the production of sugar during photosynthesis?

The NADPH system is the immediate source for hydrogen atoms for the production of sugar during photosynthesis.

What does the role of salts in hydrogen production?

Hydrogen can be obtained by electrolysis of sodium chloride water solution.

What was the elements?

Copper. More probably Gold, it doesn't corrode. If your asking cosmological not technological, it is definitely Hydrogen.

What impact does production of hydrogen gas from coal have on humans?

The production of hydrogen gas from coal has shown promise to impact humans positively by allowing for cleaner energy production. Hydrogen may be able to reduce pollutants that affect human health and reduce gasses in the air such as carbon dioxide.

What are some hydrogen energy project ideas?

There are multiple applications and pathways towards hydrogen based energy production. These include hydrogen fuel cell reactors to for?ænon-fossil fuel based vehicles. The ultimate steps to hydrogen energy production as fusion reactors.

What raw materials are used to produce hydrogen?

Hydrogen synthesized for industrial purposes is actually obtained by splitting the bonds between oxygen and hydrogen in water molecules.

The flow of what particle across the thylakoid membrane powers the production of ATP?

Hydrogen Ions