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A molecule is an element if it contains only one kind of atom, like oxygen, O2, and chlorine, Cl2. A molecule is a compound if it contains more than one kind of atom, such as water H2O, or methane, CH4.

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Q: How can a molecule be either n element or a compound?
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Is N an element or a compound?

Nitrogen naturally occurs as a diatomic molecule (N2). Nitrogen, by itself, is an element.

Is silicon n element compound or mixture?

It is an element.

What is smallest unit of a compound that still has the properties of the compound is called a(n)?

The smallest unit of a compound is a molecule (MOLL-uh-kule)

How many atoms are in an element MgNO3 2?

Mg(NO3)2 is magnesium nitrate and it is not an element, but is a compound. Each molecule has 1 Mg atom + 2 N atoms + 6 O atoms for a total of 9 atoms per molecule. The more molecules you have, the more atoms you have.

Is ammonia a compound or an element?

It is a compound. It is made up of N and H

Is AgNO3 a compound or element?

A compound: any formula that contains more than one kind of atomic symbols represents a compound.

The smallest unit into which a compound can be divided and still be that same compound is a(n)?

This unit is a molecule.

The new substance formed when elements combine chemically n?

When elements combine chemically compounds are formed. For instance, when hydrogen and oxygen gases chemically combine, water is formed. Note that if a molecule is made up of only one element, it is referred to as an element, not a compound.

Substances that result from the union of two or more different atoms is what?

Well the question I was asked was "The union of two or more atoms of the same element, or the smallest part of a compound that retains the compound's properties is called a(n)" A molecule.

What is the chemical compound for nitrogen?

Nitrogen (N) is a chemical element.

How many atoms in nitrogen molecule?

Nitrogen is an element. It is usually found as the molecule N2 not N. Therefore there are two atoms of nitrogen in this molecule.

Is H2O2 n element compound or mixture?

It's a compound. H2O2 is hydrogen peroxide. It as two different elements that is what a compound is.