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Yes, synthetic means man-made or artificial.

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Reading the history of chemical elements discovery.

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Of course, otherwise it is natural.

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Q: How can you tell if an element is man-made or synthetic?
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How do you spell synthetic?

That is the correct spelling of "synthetic" (manmade by chemical synthesis).

Is sodium hydroxide natural or synthetic?

Sodium hydroxide is a manmade substance.

Is berkelium a natural or manmade?

Berkelium is an artificial element.

Is nobelium manmade or natural?

Nobelium is an artificial element.

Manmade radioactive element synthesised in a cyclotron?


Is lithium manmade?

No. Lithium is a naturally occurring element.

Is mercury manmade?

No, not the element, nor the planet, both are 'natural'

What are synthetic codeine?

Synthetic codeine is just codeine made in a lab by scientists, synthetic means fake which is unnatural which is man made so manmade codeine

Is bromine synthetic?

No, Bromine is not a synthetic element, it occurs naturally

Is the element Rh a natural and synthetic element?


Is the element 115 real?

it is not natural it is a synthetic element.

Is germanium a synthetic element?