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Atoms bond in four ways. 1. They bond by sharing electrons to balance the charge of the atoms. This is called a covalent bond. There are three types of covalent bonds. single covalent bonds, double covalent bonds and triple covalent bonds. These work by sharing 1, 2 or 3 electrons respectively. Covalent bonds are the strongest forces between atoms. Every molecule contains these. The other 3 are caused by forces of attraction between atoms, molecules or compounds. 2. The next type of bond is a hydrogen bond. Hydrogen bonds are when a hydrogen bonds with a highly electronegative atom such as Flurine, Nitrogen or oxygen. This works on the principle of a negatively changed particle being attracted to a positively charged particle (just like with magnets). Hydrogen bonds are usually the second strongest force between molecules. A comon substance which contains hydrogen bonds are water molecules (H2O) 3. The next type of bond is Dipole-Dipole forces of attraction. These are forces between any molecule which does not have an electronegativity between atoms which removes its charge. Most salts contain these types of bonds. 4. The last type of bond between atoms is Dispersion forces. Dispersion forces exist between all atoms, molecules, ions, everything... If you want to know more about these bonds visit the links bellow

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Q: How do atoms bond?
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