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Strong bases dissociate or ionize completely. Weak bases dissociate or ionize only partially. The degree to which they ionize/dissociate is given by the Kb for each weak base.

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Strong bases are totally dissociated.

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Q: How do strong and weak bases dissociate or ionize?
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Which CHEMICAL will ionize when placed in water koh hcl kcl or licl?

Salts dissociate because they are already ionized.Acids and weak bases ionize in water.KOH is a strong baseKCl is a saltLiCl is a saltHCl will ionize in water.

Would a weak or strong acid conduct electricity well?

A strong acid will be a better conductor of electricity as it tends to ionize or dissociate completely. Weak acids because they also ionize or dissociate will also conduct electricity but because they do not ionize to completion have fewer ions in solution and conductivity suffers because of it.

Does a weak acid ionize completely in water?

A weak acid is a weak electrolyte and weak electrolytes do not completely dissociate or ionize completely in water but are partially ionized or dissociate incompletely in water.

What's the difference between weak bases and strong bases?

strong acids completely dissociate in water

Is K2SO4 a strong or weak electrolyte?

K2SO4 is considered a strong electrolyte. This is because it is a good conductor that can totally or partially dissociate or ionize in a solution.

How do weak acids or weak bases dissolve in water?

They don't dissolve (or more properly, dissociate) completely in water, only partially. Acids or bases that dissociate completely are called strong acids or bases.

What is the difference between strong and weak bases?

A strong base produces more ions in a solution then a weak base

What is the difference between a strong acid or base and a weak acid or base?

Strong acids/bases will dissociate to almost 100% in water and their conjugate base/acid will be weak. Weak acid/base will not dissociate well in water and their conjugate base/acid will be strong.

Why is a concentrated acid not strong?

strong acids and bases dissociate completely; weak acids and bases dissociate only partially. In contrast, the term dilute and concentrated are used to indicate the consentration of a solution, which is the amount of acid or base dissolved in the solution. It is possible to have dilute solutions of strong acids and bases and concentrated solutions of weak acids and bases.

Are compounds that ionize completely weak bases?

No. A substance that completely ionizes is a strong electrolyte. If such a substance is also a base then it is a strong base.

What best describes how weak acids or weak bases dissolve in water?

Weak acids and weak bases partially ionize when dissolved in water unlike strong acids and strong bases that completely ionize when dissolved. Ethanoic acid is a weak acid. At any one time, only about 1% of the ethanoic acid molecules have converted into ions. The rest remain as simple ethanoic acid molecules.

Does a strong or weak acid dissociate more?


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