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Strong bases dissociate or ionize completely. Weak bases dissociate or ionize only partially. The degree to which they ionize/dissociate is given by the Kb for each weak base.

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Strong bases are totally dissociated.

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Q: How do strong and weak bases dissociate or ionize?
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Which CHEMICAL will ionize when placed in water koh hcl kcl or licl?

Salts dissociate because they are already ionized.Acids and weak bases ionize in water.KOH is a strong baseKCl is a saltLiCl is a saltHCl will ionize in water.

Do Strong acids dissociate completely when dissolved in water?

No, only strong bases do:weak: B- + H2O HB + OH- (completely right ---> )

What is the difference between strong and weak bases?

A strong base produces more ions in a solution then a weak base

Are compounds that ionize completely weak bases?

No. A substance that completely ionizes is a strong electrolyte. If such a substance is also a base then it is a strong base.

Weak acids and weak bases?

Weak acids only partially ionize to give hydrogen ions (H+) weak bases only partially ionize to give hydroxide ions (OH-)

Why is a concentrated acid not strong?

strong acids and bases dissociate completely; weak acids and bases dissociate only partially. In contrast, the term dilute and concentrated are used to indicate the consentration of a solution, which is the amount of acid or base dissolved in the solution. It is possible to have dilute solutions of strong acids and bases and concentrated solutions of weak acids and bases.

Is C5H5N a strong acid or weak acid?

First of all, C5H5N is a base, not an acid and is also known as Pyridine, an organic compound similar to benzene in structure. It is very weak as a base though because it does not dissociate very much as all. In order for a compound to be a strong acid or base, it my ionize and dissociate completely in water, and the only bases that do this are metal hydroxides with metals in groups I and II (Except for Magnesium and Beryllium).

Do stronger acids conduct more electricity?

A strong acid will be a better conductor of electricity as it tends to ionize or dissociate completely. Weak acids because they also ionize or dissociate will also conduct electricity but because they do not ionize to completion have fewer ions in solution and conductivity suffers because of it.

What is the difference between a strong acid or base and a weak acid or base?

Strong acids/bases will dissociate to almost 100% in water and their conjugate base/acid will be weak. Weak acid/base will not dissociate well in water and their conjugate base/acid will be strong.

Why do strong acid and bases conduct electricity better than weak acids and bases?

Strong acids and bases dissociate into their conjuagate forms more readily then weak varients. To conduct electricity they must dissociate into these forms due to the formal charges associated allowing them to conduct electricity HCL -> H+ + CL- CH3COOH -> CH3OO- + H+ Equilibrium constant for the first is a lot higher then the second showing that stronger acids fully dissociate. Hope this helps

Is urea a strong base?

Urea is a weak base. Strong bases dissociate completely when immersed in water. Urea does not. However, it is quite toxic and should be handled with care.

Differentiate between a strong acid and weak acid?

Strong acids dissociate completely in aqueous solution; weak acids do not.