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Number of Neutrons = Mass Number - Atomic Number Number of Protons = Atomic Number Number of Electrons = Number of Protons = Atomic Number

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2008-02-15 16:12:58
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Q: How do you determine the neutron number?
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How do you determine mass number in an atom?

mass number= no. of protons + no. of neutron

How do you determine an atom's mass number?

mass number= no. of protons + no. of neutron

What does the neutron determine?

a neutron determines the atomic mass

What does the number of neutrons determine?

The number of neutrons determines the neutron number and the isotope of that atom. The number of neutrons is the atomic number - atomic mass.

Which particle determines the atomic number of an element?

The atomic number of an element is determined by the number of protons.

How do you determine the number of neutron in any element?

Find the weight on the periodic table then subtract the proton numbers.

If you know the number of neutrons can you determine what the element is?

No, because some elements have Isotopes, with the same Proton number but different Neutron numbers. Sometimes therefore, the neutron number can overlap with that of isotopes of other elements. For example, two of Helium's isotopes share neutron numbers with two of Hydrogen's isotopes. Deuterium has 1 neutron, and so does 3He, Tritium has 2 neutrons, and so does 4He. It is the number of protons which determines which element it is.

how to get the number of neutron?

Mass no-the no of proton=no of neutron

What charge number is neutron?

Neutron has no charge.

How do you calculate the number of neutron in the nucleus of an atom?

You calculate the number of neutron in the nucleus of an atom by : atomic mass - atomic number = neutron number. :) hope this helps

What if mass number is 7 how do you determine proton and neutron?

One way is to consult a copy of "The Periodic Table of the Elements". Great Q'n!

How do you determine the number of neutron in a given atom?

the number of neutrons is figured out by simple mathematics. Take the mass number (for Carbon it is 12) and subtract the number of protons from the atomic mass number and then you will get the number of neutrons in the atom.

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