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Where the pencil shavings come out of, get a pointed pencil and put it in and pick it out!

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Q: How do you get a eraser out of a sharpener?
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How do you get an eraser out of a electric pencil sharpener?

You have to take apart the pencil sharpener (once unplugged), or you can go to a repair shop to let an employee fix it for you.

Is there something 1 inch long?

A small eraser is about one inch long.

What is the different tools and materials in drawing or drifting?

pencil sharpener eraser ruler t-square triangles french curve speed ball pen rolling pen cutter eraser shield

What are the parts of a geometry set?

protractor, compass, 2 set squares, ruler, sharpener, alphabet and number stencil pencil and eraser.

Is eraser and sharpener cuboid in shape?

Generally speaking, they are approximately cuboid. Having said that, my sharpener has a slightly narrower (pinched) middle. And lots of erasers and sharpeners for younger children come in all sorts of weird and wonderful shapes.

What things are 1 inch long?

Light Switch, Small Paper Clip :() =-)

What to pack for summer vacation?

You should bring sunscreen, an umbrella, food, toys and games, a hat, money, a pen or pencil, an eraser, a sharpener, paper, and anything else necessary. Enjoy your summer vacation!

How do you spell sharpener in German?

Pencil sharpener = Bleistiftspitzer Knife sharpener = Messerspitzer

What do you need in a pencil case for sceondry school?

Depending on what school it can vary. But most Secondary Schools require this -Pen -Pencil -Ruler -Rubber * Coloured Pencils(optional) * Felt Pens(optional)

What is el sacapuntas in English?

Un sacapuntas is a pencil sharpener

What is the word in spanish for sharpener?

Pencil sharpener is sacapuntas

What is the spanish word for sharpener?

sacapuntas - pencil sharpener