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there are a couple of methods available. One is to do it with the use of a scale. another method would be to use two graduated beakers. Fill one to the 4 ml line and our it into the other, filling it to the 3 1/2 graduation. the amount left in the beaker would be 1/2 ml for your unmarked syringe.

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Q: How do you measure half a ml without a small marked syringe?
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How do you measure .25ml on a 3ml syringe?

It is much easier to just use a insulin syringe and withdraw to .21/2 or .2 and 5 small lines

What is a douce bag?

a small syringe for douching the vagina, especially as a contraceptive measure. an obnoxious or contemptible person, typically a man.

How would you measure a liquid chemical?

using measuring cylinder (if the volume is large) using syringe / needle (if the volume to measure is very small, below 2 ml)

Will a graduated cylinder marked off in large increments or graduated cylinder marked off in small increments measure a liquids volume with the greatest precision?

in 15

Where is 0.75 on a 1 ml syringe?

In a 2.5ml/2ml syringe measurement is given in 0.1ml intervals.So for 0.75ml you have to take in between the 0.7 and 0.8ml mark.0,5ml,1ml.1.5ml are marked by large lines and intervals by small lines.

What are examples of container that holds about mil lilitre?

Small syringe

What size needle and syringe is used to drain a cyst?

The 18 or 16 size needle can be used in most cases. The 50 ml syringe should do. Small cysts can be drained by using 10 ml syringe.

What would contain one milliliter of liquid?

A small syringe would be a good way to measure a milliliter of liquid. Remember that one CC (cubic centimeter) is equal to one milliliter. Many small syringes hold 3 CC which would be the same as 3 milliliters. Usually there are graduations on the syringe which indicate 1 CC and even partial measurements of CCs. If you don't have a syringe, you could get very close with a kitchen measuring spoon. 1/4 teaspoon is equal to 1.07 CC which is 1.07 Milliliters.

What is the smallest cake decorating tip?

The size of a hollowed out sewing needle or small syringe

Where do wires go on1972 olds cutlass starter?

The small purple wire goes on the small terminal marked "S". The small yellow wire goes on the small terminal marked "R".

How do you measure current without connecting the load?

Without load there is no current so it is impossible to measure it.

What is the use of syringe in laboratory?

it is used to inject small quantity of sample in liquid and gas chromatography