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To separate powdered charcoal from a mixture containing copper oxide, just add water. Charcoal is considered quite a bit less dense than water and one set of tables gives the density as circa 400 kg.m-3 . Copper oxide is much more dense than water or charcoal. So the copper oxide will sink to the bottom and the charcoal will float to the top of the water. This can now be decanted and filtered leaving the charcoal on the filter paper which can be dried and to leave charcoal. Then with a separate filtration, the copper oxide and traces of water can be filtered and then dried.

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Q: How do you separate powdered charcoal from a mixture of copper oxide?
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Which method could be used to obtain copper from a mixture of powdered copper and sodium chloride?

Wash the mixture with water and separate the solid from the liquid, for example, by filtration. The sodium chloride will dissolve in the wash water, while the copper is left behind.

How do you separate powdered copper sulphate and powdered chalk?

Well, you need to get a beaker and add water.Then add the powdered chalk and add copper sulphate to the beaker.Then get a conical flask with a funnel and get some filter paper and fold it into a funnel and place it the funnel in the conical flask then mix your solution with a stiring rod and pour down funnel .What you should end up with is copper sulphate with the water in the conical flask and the chalk mix in the filter paper.

To separate a mixture of copper sulfate and sand?

Blotting paper

How could you separate a mixture of small pieces of copper?

add alcohol

How can you separate copper objects with wood?

put water in the mixture, the wood will float and the copper will sink. :D

How would you separate gold from a mixture of gold and copper filings?

Add concentrated sulphuric acid to the mixture

How is it easier to separate a mixture of seashells and marbles than a copper sulfate soulution?

Because you can separate seashells and marbles with your hands and you can't with copper sulfate

What happens when you add powdered zinc to a mixture of copper sulphate?

The solution becomes a paler blue and a brownish solid is formed

How do you separate mixture of copper carbonate and iron sulfate?

with a single displacement reaction

Which dissolve first the coarse copper sulfate crystals or the powdered copper sulfate?

its the powdered copper sulfate crystals :)

How can you separate ammonium chloride and copper oxide?

Ammonium chloride is soluble in water and copper oxide not; dissolve the mixture and filter.

Is copper sulfate homogenous?

Yes. It is a chemical compound and as such is homogeneous. Some people may say tat a mixture of crystals and powdered copper sulfate was inhomogeneous as it is different state of subdivision.