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We should use a lockable cabinet.

It should be kept in a designated area to avoid harm caused by carcinogenic chemicals.

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Q: How do you store Carcinogenic chemical?
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What is the carcinogenic components of nitrites and nitrates?

Nitrites and nitrates were nitrite (HNO2) and nitric acid (HNO3) the dianion, the two dianions are carcinogenic substances, it is generally with the two dianions are carcinogenic chemical hazards.

Is sodium hydroxide a carcinogen?

Sodium hydroxide is not considered as a chemical with carcinogenic or mutagenic effects.

Why might a useful chemical be dangerous?

Because a useful chemical may be corrosive or toxic, radioactive or inflammable, explosive or carcinogenic etc.

What chemical agents primary attack the airways and lungs's?

- corrosive chemicals - radioactive chemicals - carcinogenic chemicals - fine powders

What do chemical bonds store?

Chemical bonds store potential energy.

What does carcinogenic event mean?

Carcinogenic means cancer-causing. So if you were exposed to certain chemicals or radiation, it would be a carcinogenic event.

How can you use the word carcinogenic in a sentence?

Something that is carcinogenic causes cancer. An example of a sentence using the word "carcinogenic" is "Lobbyists are fighting a new law that would label all cigarette packs as carcinogenic. "

Does nuclear energy store chemical energy?

no it does not store chemical energy it turns into thermal energy:)

What is the component in tobacco smoke that is considered to be carcinogenic?

Nicotine is the main carcinogenic component in tobacco.

How do you put mainstream and carcinogenic a sentence?

The mainstream think that junk food and cigarettes are carcinogenic

What is a carcinogenic?

Carcinogenic hydrocarbon is any substance that can produce cancer. Cigarettes contain these. They can change cells into cancer cells in the body.

What is the chemical that plants use to store energy?

This chemical is glucose.