How does acid rain affect limestone?

Updated: 11/1/2023
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Rainwater is naturally slightly acidic because carbon dioxide from the air dissolves in it. Minerals in rocks may react with the rainwater, causing the rock to be weathered. Some types of rock are easily weathered by chemicals. For example, limestone and chalk are mostly calcium carbonate. When acidic rainwater falls on limestone or chalk, a chemical reaction happens. New, soluble, substances are formed in the reaction. These dissolve in the water, and then are washed away, weathering the rock. -BBC: The rock cycle

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The calcite dissolves. We usually see roughened surfaces, removal of material, and loss of carved details.

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It dissolves it. The acid in the rain (possibly nitric acid, nitrous acid, carbonic acid, etc.) forms calcium salts.

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Q: How does acid rain affect limestone?
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How does acid rain affect houses and limestone statues?

The chemicals in acid rain errodes or dissolves the building material. (eats away at it.)

How is limestone affected by acid rain?

limestone is affected by acid rain because the bhgdnhfhndhn

Why is limestone a bad material to use with acid rain?

the limestone is very soft and will be dissolved in the acid rain

How does acid rain affect how your life?

It affects the environment we all live in, it destroys limestone, which means it destroys the buildings that are made out of limestone.

What effects does acid rain have on limestone?

The acid rain causes erosion and weathering of the limestone.Acid rain attacks and dissolves Limestone .As a result of that , carbon dioxide gas is evolved

What is acid that weathers limestone?

acid rain

How long does it take for acid rain to corrode limestone?

it takes thousands of years for acid rain to corrode limestone.

How does acid and rain water affect the land underground?

Acid in the rainwater causes limestone to dissolve, leaving open spaces, or caves.

Is limestone included in acid rain?

Limestone is an alkaline compound and not included in acid rains.

Why does acid rain affect limestone but not granite?

Limestone is composed of calcium carbonate, an alkaline substance that breaks down on contact with acid. Granite is composed primarily of silica and feldspar, which are not so basic and do not react with acid.

Does acid rain have affect in sandstone?

yes it does ,the surface is worn away because there is a reaction between the sandstone and limestone.

Why arnt limestone lakes affected by acid rain?

The 'acid' (sulphur dioxide or nitrogen oxides) dissolved in the rain water are acidic. Limestone is alkali. Therefore, the acid in the rain is neutralised by the limstone.