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by loosing one or more electrons then it is an ion

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they aquire negative charges by gaining electrons

they aquire positive charges by losing electrons

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Q: How does an atom achieve a positive charge?
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Why does nucleus of an atom have a positive charge?

an atom has a positive charge due to the fact that it has a positive

Is an atom a negative charge or a positive charge?

An atom with positive charge is cation.An atom with negative charge is anion.

An atom with a positive net charge is called?

Protons of an atom carry a positive charge. Electrons carry a negative charge. Neutrons carry no charge at all, but they are part of the atom.

This part of an atom carries a positive charge?

The proton of an atom carries the positive charge.

Is the charge of a nucleus positive negative or zero The charge of an atom?

nucleus has a positive charge. net charge of an atom (not an ion!) is 0.

What is the atom which has positive and negative charge?

Positive charge: cationNegative charge: anion

Is an ion atom with a charge?

An ion is an atom with a positive or negative charge.

Does the electon of a atom have a positive charge?

no. electrons have negative charge. protons have positive charge

Where is the total positive charge of an atom located and in what form?

The positive charge of an atom is located in the nucleusin the form of protons.

What is an atom with a positive charge or negative charge called?

A charged atom is called an ion.If it has more protons then electrons, it has a positive charge.If it has more electrons than protons, it has a negative charge.

What are the positive charges in an atom?

It means it has more protons (positive charge) and neutrons (no charge) than electrons (negative charge). This gives it an overall positive charge.

Which particle of the atom has a positive charge?

protons have positive charge