How does chemistry relate to physics?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Physics studies energy and forces while chemistry studies matter. They are connected because matter and energy interact all the time in nature and in chemical reactions in all living things and in daily life.

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The two fields are very closely related because they study the same thing: matter. There are areas that overlap, such as physical chemistry and material science, and many universities offer degrees that focus specifically on that.

Physics is mostly about the the bigger picture--everything from the creation of the universe down to subatomic particles. Space, time, and motion are important concepts to physicists. Chemistry is concerned with the way different elements and compounds react with each other and what happens when they are subjected to changes such as heat, light, and temperature. Chemistry seeks to understand how different substances are formed when atoms interact with other atoms.

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Q: How does chemistry relate to physics?
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What are the other sciences relate in chemistry?

physics, mathematics

Relate physics to other branches of natural science?

Physics is the most fundamental of all natural science.Principles of physics related with chemistry,biology,biophysics,meteorology,geology

What is the contribution of chemistry in physics?

contribution of chemistry to physics

What part of science does wind turbines belong to?

Physics mainly although you could relate it to chemistry as an alternative energy to fossil fuels

Why does computer science not relate to science?

because it has nothing to do with any of the three main sciences (chemistry, biology,physics) and computers are ict so ..... :)

Is refraction chemistry or physics?


Does chemistry and physics have any mathematical application or no?

Mathematics is applied to physics and chemistry.

If you are great at mathematics can you do physics and chemistry?

Not necessarily but Mathematics is the language of Sciences such as Chemistry and Physics, and so if you are great at mathematics, it will certianly help with physics and chemistry.

What branch of physics and chemistry was developed by physics and chemistry together?

Atomic theory, electrochemistry (batteries and such) and analytical chemistry were developed by both sciences. If you think of it, physics and chemistry are inseparable from each other

Is evaporation physics or chemistry?

Evaporation has more to do with chemistry, but it could be used in physics possibly.

Why there is physical chemistry but not the chemical physics?

There certainly is both physical chemistry (the application of physics techniques to chemistry) and chemical physics (the study of chemical processes from the point of view of physics). See Wikipedia for a fuller answer.

What is tech Relate it with physics?

Yes, Physics is related to technology because if there are no physics, there are no modern devices now.....All inventions, are also made of physics.